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Ok so we are thrilled to announce that once our summer gigs throughout July + August are done we have a new guitarist joining us – the fantastic and lovely Mike Wilton.  We have been feverishly preparing over the last few months and can’t wait to have him on board full-time. Mike has some pretty great credentials – which some may find of interest – not least that he supported the actual The Who throughout their last 2 UK tours with his former band The Standard Lamps – playing huge arenas around the country – check out this footage of them playing Leeds Arena – its ace!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJSifk6i-zs

Check out Mike’s website for all details on other projects he is involved with – you’ll find some real treats on there – not least details of his soon to be released solo album – Imaginary Friend.  mikewiltonmusic.co.uk

In the meantime we shall be appearing throughout the next 5 weeks with our great friends the wonderful and awesome Andy Rimmer + Dante Di Carlo on geetar – hope to see you out there! x

Next gig:

Sat 24th Nov – Sinbin @The Plough + Harrow, Leytonstone, London


Sat 24th Nov



The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2017 credit: @davethephoto Twitter


‘On a wet and windy night, Who Are You gave us a fabulous show featuring superb musicianship whilst Steve’s vocals and performance were absolute Daltrey.  A terrific evening.’ Eastbourne Bandstand

“A big thanks lads for a great gig. Although just another punter I have been lucky enough to see over a thousand gigs, through the full range from stadiums to pubs, including seeing the Who themselves half a dozen times. So when I saw you guys were playing I expected a decent good time night out with great songs played pretty well. Wow, what a massive pleasant surprise! It didn’t take long into the excellent two hours show to see you were one of the best tribute / covers band I have ever seen, if not the best.” – A Punter





#Who Are You UK Brands Hatch 2018





Care After Combat Concert, Brands Hatch




Care After Combat Concert, Brands Hatch


Who Are You – Gods of Rock Sittingbourne


Who Are You UK – Great Dorset Steam Fair 2017 credit: Tom Pilling


Who Are You – The Who tribute Care After Combat Concert, Brands Hatch


Who Are You – The Who tribute Care After Combat Concert, Brands Hatch